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Unleash the power of customer feedback with Stamped

Maximize customer satisfaction and boost sales with Stamped's robust review management system. Streamline your reviews, NPS surveys, and more today.

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, it’s paramount for businesses to leverage every tool and strategy at their disposal to forge stronger connections with their customers, enhance their brand’s credibility, and drive unprecedented growth. Atelier Commerce, utilizing the power of Stamped, is perfectly positioned to help your brand accomplish just these objectives.

Integrating a loyalty and reviews program is not just about nurturing current customer relationships and establishing trust; it’s a potent catalyst for growth. With Stamped, Atelier Commerce helps your business leverage these programs to attract new customers while retaining existing ones. By analyzing customer behavior and feedback, we can identify areas for improvement and innovation, ensuring your offerings stay relevant and appealing.

Stamped revolutionizes the way businesses harness the power of customer feedback. This comprehensive review management software not only simplifies the collection, moderation, and analysis of reviews but also boosts your SEO through rich snippets. Its seamless integration and smart features like automated social sharing and the ability to capture visual feedback elevate your brand’s online presence effortlessly. Trusted by marketing professionals, Stamped is the ultimate tool for understanding customer satisfaction and engaging audience at every level, making it an invaluable asset to drive brands to new heights.

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Loyalty & Reviews


Most app merchants highly rate the app with 5 stars, praising its exceptional value and user-friendly interface, even for non-technical individuals.

Build a loyal customer base with Stamped, the review management software trusted by businesses of all sizes.

  • Boost Your SEO – Improve your search ranking and stand out in search results with reviews rich snippets, automatically generated from customer feedback.
  • Increase Social Media Presence – With our easy sharing feature, you can effortlessly promote your positive reviews on social media to reach a wider audience.
  • Capture Visual Feedback – Our reviews request emails allow customers to easily submit photos and videos, providing valuable visual feedback for your business.


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conversion rate uplift with core interactions

Boost Your Business with Stamped, A Comprehensive Review Management Solution.

  • Get Real Insights – With Stamped, you can gain deep insights into your customers’ true thoughts and feelings about their shopping experience. Understand what works and what needs improvement to continually improve your marketing strategies.
  • Simple and Familiar – Despite offering a wide range of features, Stamped’s user-friendly interface is designed with familiarity in mind. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s design system, making it easy to use and navigate for anyone.
  • Streamlined Review Collection – Collecting reviews has never been easier. Import reviews from multiple sources or request them directly from customers via customizable emails or during checkout. Offering incentives like discount codes also helps to incentivize customer participation.

Our 2024 roadmap on the Reviews side is heavily centered around driving more interactivity, experimentation and customization on reviews & UGC throughout the storefront, as we believe this is one of the biggest levers brands have to improve conversion and meaningfully impact CAC/MER.

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