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Level Up Your Marketing Game with Klaviyo

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with Klaviyo's intelligent automation and integration capabilities. Unleash the power of email, SMS, and more to drive profitability and save time.

At Atelier Commerce, we understand that the cornerstone of impactful email marketing campaigns is the strategic integration of technology with a deep understanding of your audience. Leveraging Klaviyo, we harness the power of Personalized experiences, Growth email marketing, and Cutting-edge data science to elevate your brand and connect with your audience in meaningful ways.

In today’s crowded digital marketplace, personalized experiences are not just appreciated; they are expected. Utilizing Klaviyo, we dive deep into your customer data to craft highly personalized and relevant email content. By segmenting your audience based on their behavior and preferences, we ensure that each message speaks directly to them, enhancing their engagement with your brand. This approach fosters a sense of understanding and appreciation, making your customers feel seen and valued. The outcome? Stronger customer relationships and increased loyalty, driving both immediate sales and long-term growth.

Elevate your business with Klaviyo, the all-encompassing marketing automation platform that simplifies and amplifies your email and SMS campaigns. Its intuitive interface, coupled with cutting-edge data analysis, empowers you to forge deeper connections and drive unmatched growth. Opt for Klaviyo and transform how you engage with your audience, achieving measurable results while seamlessly integrating with over 300 platforms.

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Email & SMS Marketing, CDP, Reviews


Brands have made more than $3.7 billion in revenue through Klaviyo in the last year.

Streamline Your Email and SMS Campaigns with Klaviyo’s Intuitive Interface

  • Seamlessly Target the Right Audience – With Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation, you can effortlessly identify and target your ideal audience for maximum results. Save time and resources by eliminating trial-and-error tactics.
  • Dive Deep Into Performance Insights – Understand exactly how your email and SMS campaigns are performing with Klaviyo’s robust analytics. Gain valuable insights on attribution, segment-level performance, deliverability, and more to refine and optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Streamline Your Tech Stack – Klaviyo integrates with over 300 platforms, making it easy to connect with your favorite ecommerce platform, cart and order management systems, subscriptions, shipping providers, surveys, support tools, and more. Simplify your workflow and improve overall efficiency with a comprehensive solution.


increase in abandoned cart recovery


more sales than competitors with segmentation


Brands use Klaviyo


increase in revenue in top-performing brands

Amplify Your Campaigns and Achieve Measurable Results

  • Boost Your ROI – Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation targets the right people and saves you time with email, sms, and mobile push automation. Maximize your return on investment and see increased profits with every campaign.
  • Deep Performance Insights – Dive deep into your campaign performance with Klaviyo’s advanced analytics. Accurately measure attribution, segment-level performance, deliverability, and more across all marketing channels to gain powerful insights for your business.
  • Seamless Integration – With over 300+ integrations, Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with all your favorite platforms including ecommerce, cart and order management, subscriptions, shipping, surveys, support, and more. Simplify your marketing process by having all your tools in one place.

It’s our mission to empower people to get closer to their customers and grow their businesses. When we started Klaviyo, it was really hard to do this. So we built a product to make it easier for everyone. That’s going really well, we have 100,000s of entrepreneurs and businesses using Klaviyo.

Andrew BialeckiCEO, Klaviyo

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