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Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level with Attentive

Power up your SMS marketing game with Attentive and unlock the potential of data-driven, personalized messaging for your brand's success.

At Atelier Commerce, we understand that the heart of any successful brand is its ability to forge authentic consumer connections. In an era where customers are bombarded with countless marketing messages daily, standing out requires a tailored approach that speaks directly to their needs and preferences. That’s where our partnership with Attentive becomes a game-changer for your brand’s marketing campaigns.

By leveraging Attentive’s cutting-edge technology, we empower brands to create personalized marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with their target audience. Imagine sending messages that are not only seen but felt by your customers. These are the kinds of campaigns that drive conversions, foster brand loyalty, and set the stage for long-term customer relationships.

Elevate your customer engagement strategy with Attentive, the trailblazer in conversational commerce. By harnessing the power of this SMS-first platform, your brand can meet customers precisely where they are, creating unified, mobile-first experiences that not only drive engagement but significantly boost your revenue. Attentive empowers your business to build deeper connections through personalized, two-way SMS conversations, turning casual browsers into loyal buyers. With their comprehensive suite, including automated campaigns and over 100 integrations, plus the added security of built-in compliance tools, launching and scaling your campaigns has never been more confident. Trusted by over 5000 leading brands, Attentive is your partner in redefining consumer communication, ensuring personalized, impactful interactions every step of the way.

Platform Type

SMS & Email Marketing


Attentive Deliverability Network works with 80+ aggregators and carriers to guarantee uninterrupted communication with customers worldwide, even during high-traffic periods.

Unlock Your Business's Potential with Attentive's SMS-First Platform and Expert Strategies

  • Unlock the power of SMS marketing – Boost your revenue, strengthen relationships with consumers, and personalize your messages like never before.
  • Expertise you can trust – With over 5000 leading brands relying on Attentive, including CB2, Pura Vida, Urban Outfitters, Jack in the Box, and Coach, you can be confident in this software platform.
  • Personalize every message – Using data from your entire marketing tech stack, Attentive helps you send highly targeted and personalized messages using subscriber attributes and activity.


higher SMS revenue


higher ROI


higher triggered email revenue



Drive Exceptional ROI with Attentive's Revolutionary SMS Marketing Platform.

  • Boost your ROI – Maximize the return on your investment with SMS-first marketing strategies that drive billions in e-commerce revenue.
  • Personalize like never before – Connect with consumers on a more intimate level with two-way, real-time messaging that is personalized and tailored to their unique needs.
  • Utilize data-driven insights – Unlock the full potential of your marketing tech stack by leveraging subscriber attributes and activity to send targeted, data-driven messages.

This Cyber Week was the biggest in Attentive’s history, as our conversational marketing platform played a pivotal role in driving the success for leading brands. Throughout this year’s crucial shopping week, global brands leaned on Attentive AI to craft customized messages for their customers, resulting in hyper-personalized and highly effective campaigns that broke through the noise.

Amit JhawarCEO, Attentive
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